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This past Friday was the last day for many of my colleagues at PDI/DreamWorks. Although I’ve only been here for a little less than a year, the people here have truly made this place a home away from home. It’s those people that have made…

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19 Aug / HIV Motion Test

I’m excited to share a fun little motion test that I did recently. The concept came from a bid on an informational animation regarding HIV and its effect on your body. The direction was a sketched, handdrawn-esque style. This piece was a sample motion test…

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I love opportunities to see an artist’s process when approaching creative work. Invariably there are some insightful nuggets of wisdom that you can adopt into your own process, or if nothing else some new ways of looking at a problem or approaching a particular challenge….

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10 Mar / Who?

I haven’t done too much digital sketching in recent memory. I needed a new profile pic though, so I dusted off the wacom, did some hand calisthenics, and dove in. Well, more of a belly-flop to be honest. The first few (hundred) strokes are never…

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A quick post to show a recent personal project. It’s based off of some beautiful concept art by Noah Bradley. There may be some sculpting, detail work, and texturing  in the future for this piece, but for the time being I’m moving on. I’d like…

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Go grab Spirit of the Virginia on the iPad and let us know what you think! The whole team at Beyond Ink is eager to hear your thoughts on their inaugural tablet app. We’re looking to develop the experience for mobile phones as well to…

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A short post to share some recent attempts at an old man model (below). I modeled the bust from scratch, then threw him into Zbrush and fooled around with some sculpting and displacement. I’m hoping to take stabs at several more characters, both realistic and…

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19 Mar / Meet Lou

And so my latest production has wrapped! Take a second and check out the final product below: [vimeo 21215372 640 360] A lot of time and effort when into creating this, and I’d like to thank Mahlon Omlor (who did the fantastic voice acting), and…

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Large strides have been taken this week as far as facial animation. The rough cut below contains the rough draft of Lou’s animation, which I will polish up and improve by the end of this week so I can do final renders over the weekend….

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The end approaches, and I’m making good strides to finish on time. Below is a rough block out of the open/close and wide/narrow facial movements of Lou throughout the length of the shot. This week all of the other animation (the stuff that should really…

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